[bozoid 2023] The road to slimming, environmental protection and upgrading of the glass industry

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Hu Zhixue, deputy director of Hebei Dejin Glass Co., Ltd., is still busy during...

Hu Zhixue, deputy director of Hebei Dejin Glass Co., Ltd., is still busy during the Spring Festival when the company's new production line is about to start production.

[bozoid 2023] The road to slimming, environmental protection and upgrading of the glass industry

"This production line is a float glass production line for electronics and automobiles, and is a key project for the company's product transition from architectural glass to electrical glass," said Hu Zhixue. Various contaminant discharges can reach "very low" for nitrogen oxides, for example. Hebei Province's revised ultra-low emission standard is 200mg/m3, which can be controlled within 10mg/m3.

Shahe's glass industry began when it peaked in the 1980s. Its production capacity has reached 160 million boxes, accounting for 20% of the national output. It is one of the few typical "large industrial counties" in the country, and the local economy is booming. However, it also puts tremendous pressure on the local ecological environment. Since 2013, promoting Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei air pollution control, Shahe glass industry has also experienced a "great test" of strict environmental protection.

"Only those who pass the test can survive," said Li Yanfeng, director of the Economic Development Bureau of Hebei Province's Economic Development Zone Executive Committee. Over the past decade, Sahe's glass industry has been a success. losses”, reducing the number of glass production enterprises from 176 at the time to 1.7, and reducing the number of glass production lines in production from 240 to 22. Environmental protection has also been strengthened. Invested more than 2 billion yuan to carry out ultra-low-emission transformation for glass companies.

“Very low emissions are not the end point. Shahe's glass industry is concentrated. Although each company has passed all standards. The environmental pressure in this region is still very high,” said Li Pengtao, deputy director of the Shahe Department of Environmental Protection. Shahe suggested that enterprises use “double emission intensity and total emissions”, “control” targets and measures. Corrective orders are created for companies that exceed monthly aggregate control targets.

Shahe City also plans to use resource elements intensively. Accelerate the construction of environmentally friendly, low-carbon, efficient, clean, centrally managed pollution and waste production systems.

After the Lunar New Year holiday, Shi Donghui, who is in charge of environmental protection work for the Hebei Xiahe Economic Development Zone Executive Committee, is busy completing a clean gas project. When completed, the project will create clean gas production capacity of 4.5 million cubic meters per day. Shahe will fundamentally change the energy structure of the glass industry.

Shi Donghui said, "This project can completely replace the gasifier in the existing coal-fired glass production line and has great environmental benefits." It is estimated that after the project starts, annual coal consumption will be reduced by 900,000 tonnes, and emissions will be reduced due to significant reductions in particulates, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides.

Reporters walking the streets of Shahe could see trucks carrying glass at any time. Some business executives told reporters that the stock balance at the end of last year is slowly declining, and everyone is making every effort to welcome the new year. "A good start"

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