[bozoid 2023] Technology to help protect and manage the black land

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Black soil is a rare treasure of the earth. In recent years, Huachuan County, Ji...

Black soil is a rare treasure of the earth. In recent years, Huachuan County, Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province has seriously promoted the land cultivation model, used soil testing and milk powder fertilizer technology, built an integrated water and fertilizer pipeline system, and built standard farmland. Soil protection so that black soil is fertilized and green.

[bozoid 2023] Technology to help protect and manage the black land

It is covered in silver along the Songhua River. Many farmers are already busy in the black soil of the Sanjiang Plain. It is the first entry point of Huachen County along the "Three Rivers 100km Green Rice Corridor" starting from the downtown area of Jiamutsi City in Heilongjiang Province and heading east. In the village of Shuanxin, Huachuan Province, several spray trucks were roaring and "smoke" was billowing from behind them.

“Organic fertilizers can increase soil temperature, activate nutrients, thicken black soil and improve soil fertility.” Zhao Deshan, general manager of Yucheng Modern Agricultural Cooperatives in Huachuan Province, introduced that 12,000 acres of cooperative land are used and organic fertilizers are available. He has completed Green Organic certification.

Huachuan County borders the Songhua River to the north and Wanda Mountain to the south. In recent years, complex local agrotechnical and biological measures have undertaken reconstruction and restoration projects, built various long-term mechanisms, and taken numerous measures for black soil protection and conservation. Chen Guoyui, Director of Huachuan County Agricultural Development Center, said, "Last year, the total arable land area in the region was 2.1 million mu, with 1.1 million mu of green space and more than 800,000 mu of standard arable land."

Upgrade technology, save fertilizer and medicine

"This field can "grow" your table of meats and vegetables!" Zhao Deshan introduced the cooperative as a mix of duck rice, crab rice, shrimp rice and fish rice. This year the area will reach 4000 cubic meters. Cheerleaders eat insects.

A pile of official soil test fertilizer proposals and a pile of farming guidelines record the changes in the land before my eyes. The total amount of mineral fertilizers recommended for cards is decreasing year by year, but productivity is increasing year by year. Zhao Deshan said, “The average amount of mineral fertilizer per month has decreased in the past five years. More than 20 cats. Black soil has increased the fertility of our area.

At present, soil testing and fertilizer processing technology for key crops in Heilongjiang Province have basically achieved full coverage, and the total rice farming area has stabilized at more than 1 million. "About 150 acres of land are sampled. We sample farmland across the county to test soil formulas and then provide fertilizer recommendation cards." Introduced by Yan Zhongsheng, Director of Huachuan Provincial Agricultural Technology Development Center. , through the analysis of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, etc. in each area, the content of elements allows farmers to make up for existing deficiencies and adjust "nutritional food" fertilizers.

After the "fertilization" of black soil, preventive treatment is promoted. Powerful horse-drawn harvester, straw crusher, idle seeder... Zhao Deshan entered the agricultural machinery warehouse and introduced the newly purchased large agricultural machinery to reporters. With support from the 2015 pilot project, the Agricultural Technology Extension Center, all fields will adopt conservation farming techniques such as mulching and straw treatment.”

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