[bozoid 2023] Take multiple measures to consolidate the advantages of the manufacturing industry

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Comprehensive potential and investment potential ranked 33rd in the top 100 coun...

Comprehensive potential and investment potential ranked 33rd in the top 100 countries in 2022, and Hangzhou Bay Upper Economic and Technological Development Zone became the second national-level chemical development in China to win the title of "Eco-civilization Construction Demonstration Zone (Eco-)" . Industrial Park) District... In recent years, Shanyu, the manufacturing plateau of Zhejiang, has taken many measures to promote the manufacturing industry, "emptying the cage, replacing the bird, and reviving the phoenix", further strengthening its advantages and space I did. solid foundation.

[bozoid 2023] Take multiple measures to consolidate the advantages of the manufacturing industry

Located in Weihai District, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province, Longsheng Group, as one of the leading enterprises in the global chemical industry, has built an ecologically integrated economic and industrial park to make a breakthrough in the core technology of dye products and intermediate industries. It has created the regal height of the global industry and the local green transformation of the chemical industry.

As one of the exemplary enterprises in Shanyu's advanced manufacturing industry, Jingsheng Electromechanical focuses on 12-inch large-size silicon wafer test line, 6-inch silicon carbide test line, high-precision semiconductor manufacturing and semiconductor materials, advanced manufacturing. equipment, advanced materials, innovative research and design, and four high-quality production bases set the goal of "building the world's first semiconductor material equipment company".

In terms of industrial development, Shangyu is Zhejiang Province's "415X" and "4151" cities, implementing special measures "1215", making every effort to build a "2+5+X" modern industrial system, developing new materials and advanced equipment high-tech industrial clusters, semiconductors Future industries and specialized industries will fly together by expanding the five strategic emerging industry clusters, including equipment materials, new energy and biomedical equipment materials,” he said. many wings”.

By empowering the digital economy and implementing the "Project No. 1" of the digital economy, Shanyu has accelerated the construction of a complete digital economy system supported by industrial brains linked by data supply chains. Factory of the Future". . In 2022, the added value of manufacturing, a key industry in Shanyu's digital economy, will reach 7.05 billion yuan, up 21.6% over the previous year.

At the Wuzhen Summit of the 2022 World Internet Conference, Shanyu presented the 3.0 version of Brain Motor and Shunzhiyun's Industrial Internet Platform.

"Motor Industry Brain 3.0 has successfully expanded the capabilities of the international version of Energy Management and Motor Lifecycle Management with a more powerful platform, more scenarios and a better experience." Shunyun Internet Vice President Ma Hailin said that at present, the automobile industry has been brainwashed in China, hundreds of industry applications have been launched in 29 provinces and more than 20 isolated industries, 14 future enterprises have been connected, and 3000 enterprises have become an ecosystem, cross-sector, cross-sector. We provide industrial services that realize efficiency. Effective cooperation in industrial ecology.

It is worth noting that Shanyu is also committed to building a regional innovation system by dragging the Cao'ejiang Science and Technology Innovation Corridor with "Cao'ejiang Laboratory + Yu's University and University Research Institute + Enterprise Research Institute + Innovation Consortium" there is. Today, the Caojiang Science and Technology Innovation Corridor has gathered 12 university research institutes, introduced 108 project groups and more than 800 professors, masters and doctors, established 3 innovation consortiums for semiconductor equipment, and created by paint and polymer industry innovation. New polyester material, the engine is more dynamic.

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